Communicating with plain language is key to building trust

bayshore services website after redesign

Our world is filled with cloud-based, platform-centric, disruptive jargon that is primarily used to impress prospective clients, customers, and partners with an organization’s understanding of current trends and technologies.

“19 out of 20 ain’t bad.” Make it easier on your sales professionals by investing in your customers

happy customer

Managing the sales cycle and predicting when deals will close has always been, and will always be tough. Sales professionals fundamentally spend their entire day trying to get people to do something they probably would not have done otherwise and that is spend money on your service.

1 step is better than 2


I was at an event recently intended to encourage people to install the LiveSafe app on either their iPhone or Android devices.

Conky 2014. The Evolution of Jambi

Conky 2014

Project and team naming can be a great source of both camaraderie, as well as an opportunity to communicate clearly to what your team or project is all about.

Gary Busey Evokes the Benefits and not the Features

I was struck with how well Amazon hammered home the benefits of their new Fire TV product and stayed away from falling in to the trap of tech specs and features for which the consumer electronic industry is known.

Toms Bedding Will Keep You Warm

Toms coffee business model

When I heard about Toms' new coffee line this week, and let me stress “heard about,” I thought to myself how the charity business model is really interesting and effective.

Reggie Jackson Drives a Rabbit

reggie jackson drives a rabbit

I saw an interesting article via Digg today that featured 28 Cringe-Worthy advertisements featuring celebrity spokespeople advocating on behalf of a brands including Smirnoff, the

Chobani's Press Team - Nothing but good...

Chobani nothing but good

Over the last week or so, you probably noticed a yogurt war brewing between the U.S. and Russia, masterfully feuled by Chobani. 5,000 servings of yogurt, originally destined for U.S. Olympic athletes in Sochi, was stopped by Russian customs officials from entering the country.

Being Unique and “Owning It” Breaks Through the Clutter

Owning a brand and carving out a unique space for potential customers and clients to find you in the saturated media environment in which we live is critical. As we all know, it is much easier said than done.

Timing is Everything. What TurboTax Is Doing Right

TurboTax Screenshot

Intuit always does a great job of understanding customer's and their purchasing habits. Combined with the big data prowess of Amazon, I was pleasantly reminded of what successful marketers should be doing.

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