My Work

Microsite Development

techbook graphic

Goals of the project

  • Provide a way for potential customers to understand our digital textbook offering without needing to directly hear from our sales department
  • Create a remarkable, memorable experience for potential customers with the concept of the digital textbook


  • Designed specifications and reviewed with internal stakeholders before development
  • Identified "buy/build" opportunities to leverage existing technologies to speed development time and incorporate cutting-edge web experiences: live chat with customer support, interactive timeline, web forms
  • Oversaw design and branding with graphic designer
  • Coded the HTML and CSS to implement


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SEO for leads to 1st-page on Google

SEO leads to 1st page Google

Goals of the project

  • Make it easy for people interested in campus safety technology to find LiveSafe first


  • Created content plan aligned to sales and product goals
  • Wrote content to provide value to internet researcher including video content and whitepapers
  • Oversaw design, writing, and development
  • Selected WordPress plugins to aid in execution of SEO strategy


Email Newsletter Design

email newsletter template


Goals of the project

  • Redesign the template for the Discovery Education newsletter to implement best practices
  • Operationalize monthly communication to normalize internal and external expectations


  • Streamlined sections of newsletter based on customer survey results
  • Integrated social media sharing within the newsletter
  • Focused on visual story-telling to enhance text-based information


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Live Production

Eren behind the scenes

Goals of the project

  • Provide viewers access high-quality live events via the internet including virtual field trips for students and thought-leadership events for industry leaders and policy makers
  • Demonstrate the Discovery brand to viewers


  • Source crews and identify technologies that balance high-production value with cost
  • Build microsites to register attendees and host live events. Explore my past events.
  • Create replicable processes to ensure high-quality events with short notices
  • Liased with high-profile partners like the White House, the New York Stock Exchange, the Smithsonian National Zoo


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Storytelling through video production and editing

Orientation video

Goals of the project

  • Provide a video to partners to encourage students to download the LiveSafe mobile app. 
  • Use humor to break through traditional "safety" videos
  • Make the video reusable creating an editable/customizable section of the story


  • Shot video on DSLR with 28mm lens
  • Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro


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